Let’s build back better.

As Canada comes out of the COVID crisis, governments and the private sector will turn their attention to building a long-term economic recovery. Let’s make that recovery resilient by building back better.

Building back better means supporting the jobs, infrastructure and growth that will keep Canada competitive in the clean economy of the 21st century.

The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery is an independent and diverse group of Canadian finance, policy and sustainability leaders determined to make sure Canada seizes this opportunity.

Get to know our insights and recommendations for government.

Meet the members of the Task Force.

Andy Chisolm – Member, Board of Directors, Royal Bank of Canada & Member, Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance

Barbara Zvan – Former Chief Risk & Strategy Officer, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Bruce Lourie – President, Ivey Foundation

Don Forgeron – President and CEO, Insurance Bureau of Canada

Elizabeth Beale – Former President and CEO, Atlantic Provinces Economic Council

Gerald Butts – Senior Advisor, Eurasia Group

Helen Mountford – Vice President, Climate & Economics, World Resources Institute

James Meadowcroft – Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration and
Department of Political Science, Carleton University

JP Gladu – Former President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Merran Smith – Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

Michael Horgan – Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones

Mitchell Davidson, Executive Director, Strategy Corp Institute of Public Policy and Economy

Mira Oreck, Executive Director, The Houssian Foundation

Richard Florizone – President & CEO, International Institute for Sustainable

Stewart Elgie – Executive Chair, Smart Prosperity Institute

Insights & recommendations

Look out for official contributions from the Task Force as well as regular analysis submitted to the Task Force by its research partners.

Partner Submission: Resilient Recovery Framework
May 19, 2020
By: Smart Prosperity Institute

The Resilient Recovery Framework is being reviewed by the Task Force. The tool proposes assessing government recovery measures against nine criteria.

Expert Advisor: 12 Design Principles for Winning the Peace
May 28, 2020
By: Jeremy Oppenheim

Expert Advisor Jeremy Oppenheim takes stock of the damage caused by COVID, and lays out 12 design principles for a post-COVID social and economic recovery.

Partner Analysis: Financing COVID-19 Stimulus: Will high levels of public debt come back to haunt us?
May 27, 2020

Examining how stimulus spending is actually financed and what we’re seeing in stimulus packages in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

Partner Analysis: Building back better with nature-based climate solutions
May 20, 2020
By: Corporate Knights

For as little as 0.1% of GDP, Canada can rejuvenate its forest and farm ecosystems while creating thousands of jobs.

Partner Analysis: An energy-efficient economic recovery in 3 steps
May 13, 2020
By: Efficiency Canada

Here is a practical and ambitious three-stage plan to make energy efficiency a core part of Canada’s economic recovery strategy.

Partner Analysis: Pilot projects are a smart bet for stimulus dollars
May 13, 2020
By: Smart Prosperity Institute

Three ideas for how government stimulus dollars could target clean technology pilot projects.

Partner Analysis: Building back better by greening industry
May 13, 2020
By: Corporate Knights

Green recovery policies should accelerate the circular economy, electrify light industry and decarbonize heavy industry.

Partner Analysis: Not Your Typical Recession
May 8, 2020
By: Smart Prosperity Institute

The April Labour Force Survey confirms this economic downturn is unlike anything we have ever seen in Canada.

Partner Analysis: Building Back Better Makes Good Economic Sense
May 4, 2020

A major new international study finds that “recovery packages that seek synergies between climate and economic goals have better prospects for increasing national wealth.”

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